GIS Data Collection and Auditing

We collect location specific information for you.

We collect and collate GIS data and provide the output as a spreadsheet, Google Earth or ESRI ARCGIS database. Our data collection experts record points, lines or polygons to a high level of accuracy.

Points, Lines and Polygons

We record points, polygons and lines. Therefore, we can efficiently record features from lampposts to roads to fields.

Precision, Accuracy and Consistency

Our team are highly trained and experienced in collecting geospatial data so that you know the data we record is of the highest quality .

Location Specific Information

We have experence in recording all kinds of information, from light readings and electrical measurements to field tests.

Geotagged Photos and Video

Not only can we record information we can record videos and also take photos at locations, so that you have the visual information you need ..

Collect Location Specific Information

We record your location specific information and measurements for you. Including photos and any other information you require. Our team are highly trained in accuracy, consistency and precision of data input so that you know the information we record for you will be of the best quality.

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